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Changes are coming

Greetings everyone,

As with everything in life, things change and are ever-evolving. This is no different with me or this brand I have created. I've been thinking and moving along with everything, and after much discussion with my husband, friends, and myself, I have decided the brand of Smith Country, the way it is now, no longer fits what I'm doing or what I'm about. So with that being said, I have decided to re-brand this blog into something more personal.

The Blog itself with change to "Always, Jenn™" and the URL will be Both are able to grow with me in a better more cohesive way. Many of you that have been following me from the beginning know that this blog was started when I lived on a 100-year-old farm with my husband and then 2 kids (my oldest daughter and my son). Since then, we've moved 2 more times, added 3 amazing girls to the bunch, and my mother now lives with us. We also moved to an area where we are "in the country" but are still close to the city of La Crosse My blog has evolved as well, I went from blogging to selling items, back to blogging, and have finally found my niche and people within all of you.

You will see subtle changes, or you may not notice at all (which is also fine and actually easier for me, hahaha). These changes will be in a progression starting with some things on the site (URL and email for example) and social media. Eventually, everything will change, but for now, just enjoy the ride, and as always, Thank You! Without You, I wouldn't be able to do what I'm doing.

Always Jenn. Remember... Life's Not Linear, It's Lovely.
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