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Welcome Testers!

This page is meant for those that have signed up as a Pattern test for Always, Jenn Smith (FKA Smith Country). It contains all the details you need prior to your first test with me.

Haven't signed up yet? Click here to get started!

Hello & Salutations

Thank you so much for expressing interest in testing with Always, Jenn Smith (FKA Smith Country).


Let me start by introducing myself. I'm Jenn Smith, wife, mother of 5 (yes 5), owner, creator, and everything in between for Always, Jenn Smith (FKA Smith Country). Want to know more? Click Here


I'm so honored that you decided to sign up to be a tester with me and I'm excited to work with you.


A Few Things To Know About Testing For Me 


  • I will send out an email 1-3 business days prior to the pattern test. It will let you know what the pattern is, the timeline and when it will be due, along with any other details I might find important to that test.

  • When I inquire about testing a pattern, you will need to reply with an honest answer of:

    • If you think you can complete that pattern in the required time frame, with the materials needed OR details of changes in the description.

    • As well as be able to respond to me timely if I have questions or comments back.

  • If you are added to that pattern test, I will send you an email with a link to a Google Doc that you will use as your pattern (this is not at all how the paid pattern will look, it's just easier for editing purposes)

  • You will be approved as a Commentator in the doc. That means you can suggest edits and make noted comments.

  • I will then go through and approve/deny or even reply to them as they come in. This way you are able to see changes as they are done.

    • This might be new to some, but I have found to be the best way to make tests work without a lot of repeats or having to communicate through 4 different communication outlets.

    • Also, this is a safe place. I haven't had any issues, but I still want to remind everyone to be respectful and kind to one another as well. This is a pattern testing not a spot for Social Media outbursts or rude comments.

  • You are welcome to share at any point in time on Facebook or Instagram about your progress or completed work. If I have not released the pattern yet, you can just say "Pattern Coming Soon.." And You MUST tag me @thesmithcountry

  • I will let you know the release date of the pattern as soon as I know (usually when I check-in at the beginning, but for sure by the end of testing). I will also be created ahead of time, the Ravelry tester codes which will be included with the tester email.


Once You Have Completed the Test

  • Please e-mail me at least 1 completed picture (which may be used in the blog or pattern-if it is used you will get credit for it, so make sure I have your social media handles) and any notes or suggestions you have as well.

  • At the end of testing, I will do all the finishing touches, create the official pattern and have it listed in my shop the day before I go live. You will receive the completed pattern link with a coupon to use to get the pattern free. Please do not share this pattern with anyone. This is my "payment" to you for your hard work.

    • I always offer 2 patterns, one with product tags and one without. You get the one WITH tags always.


PLEASE NOTE: If I find that you do not respond to emails at all, or do not follow any of the above, unfortunately, I will no longer be able to use you as one of my testers. Nothing personal, but I do need to know I have a reliable and kind team. Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions or concerns.


Thanks so much again for joining!

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