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Grab a cup of whatever you like and stay awhile.

Let's Start at the beginning

Me, Jenn Smith, with my mom and dad.

I was born and raised in the state of Wisconsin, by Texan parents (an interesting story that may be shared another day) along with my younger (and only) brother (who, I am proud to say, served as a member of our Armed forces).


I grew up with a mix of cultures. My dad is Chinese and came to the US at a young age. He was the one in the kitchen (he is the reason for my true appreciation for food). My Grandparents brought parts of my Chinese heritage to life with every visit and I hold those memories so close to me. Especially as they got older and visits were less.

I'm Jennifer Smith, owner, creator, photographer, content creator, and pretty much everything else for this blog. I'm a wife (yes, Mrs. Smith), mother, daughter, sister, and homemaker (which is a whole other list of attributes).  I'm a huge baseball fan, and always enjoy a good football game.

Me, Jenn Smith, with my Grandparents-Giam.

My mom was a not-so-typical Southern lady. The eternal optimist, determined and stubborn (Ok, that might be typical), she was also ahead of her time. She was the do-all in our family. She fixed things in the house, enjoyed working with wood, laying tile, and pretty much anything else that encompasses DIY. She was also the crafty person in the house, knitting, crocheting, and especially sewing.  She was the one that showed me that being a woman didn't mean it had to limit you, in fact, it should empower you.

Me, Jenn Smith, and my Husband Nate Smith

Fast Forward...

I'm now married to an amazing husband, and father to my children, Nate. A true blue Wisconsinite (and all that entails), from hunting and fishing to hiking and boating, if he can find a way to be outside, he will (yes, even in the coldest of winter days). He is a cornucopia of talents and an amazingly patient person. Especially with me and the many ideas, I throw at him. "Love you, Honey"!


In fact, He's the main reason for this blog. I had just started to stay home with our (then) two kids. He suggested I start a blog sharing my recipes, photos, DIYs, and our outdoorsy Wisconsin life.

We have 5 amazing children that remind me daily of how great it is to be alive (and also remind me of how human I am).

We enjoy everything that the Midwest (especially Wisconsin) has to offer, UW Badger fans to the end, and couldn't be happier with the many blessings we have been given. Spending time together (especially outside) is always at the top of the list and we truly love where we currently call home. 

Behind the Name

Originally, this blog was called Smith Country. The name came to be because when I started this blog, we were living on a 100-year-old farm in Black Earth Wisconsin. Enjoying everything that the outdoors had to offer and embracing the slower-paced simple life.

Today, I have 2 teenagers, and 3 little children, and let me tell you, slow-paced is NOT the name of the game. We live outside of La Crosse WI now, still enjoying the outdoors and everything it has to offer, but closer enough that we can enjoy La Crosse itself and all that this adorably small town/city has to offer.

An image of a cow in Black Earth WI

Cows from the farm when we lived in Black Earth

A Photograph taken by Jenn Smith of Smith Country LLC of Riverside Park in La Crosse, WI

A photo I took of Riverside Park in La Crosse, WI

My husband, Nathan Smith, and my 2 oldest children walking up a hill in Cross Plains, WI.

Why don't you share photos of your kids?

One thing you might notice, I don't share a lot of photographs of my children (minus a hand or two or the back of them as they walk away). My oldest kids are old enough and have said that they do not want to be out on the internet (and before you say anything, they don't have social media either) unless they know and approve the photos. My 3 youngest children are not old enough to really understand what being on my blog would mean, and so therefore I respect the possibility that they may not want to be on the internet in their older years. Of course, as time goes on, this might change. but for now, you won't really seem much, if any of my kids.

Final Thoughts

My main purpose and reason for this blog are to share my passion for food, my experiences, ideas, and sometimes my opinion (but not often and usually in a light-hearted way). I love sharing things I do with my family, recipes that not only I have created, but ones from my childhood or that bring me happy memories, DIY projects I have done, fun ideas that we do together as a family, products I discover and truly enjoy, and photographs I'm really proud of. 

Enjoy your visit here and please feel free to contact me with anything you might need.

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